Till Death do us part

The Wedding Edition of the ‘How to Party in Africa’ series.

Or… ‘How to Marry in Nairobi City’.

Belinda weds Mark

In these globalized times, love might be not around the corner.
For Belinda and Mark the corner in particular is actually 20.000 km away. Mark, a Kenyan immigrant in the USA, could obviously not find the woman he was looking for in his new home country. Belinda, a Kenyan living in Kenya could equally not find the man she was looking for in her neighbourhood.

Welcome the world of online dating services!

They fell in love through electronic means and after romantic online endeavours for quite some time, Mark came over to visit Belinda in Kenya. Soon they got married and Belinda hopes to join Mark back in the USA in due time.

Though, why is (almost) nobody smiling?

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