The Passage

In Europe, many Europeans are afraid that their continent will be ‘overrun’ by migrants and refugees. On a daily base, the media are full with images of migrants and refugees trying to enter the fortress Europe. For migrants and refugees from Africa, this route leads mainly across the Mediterranean. As the media are full with Africans who want to leave their continent, how do actually the African artists who stay in Africa deal with this issue?

The dance piece ‘Pasaje’ (Passage) is performed by the Pamoja Dance group and choreographed by Joseph  Kanyenje, all from Kenya.
It showcases by the use of modern dance the perilous migration of Africans to Europe in search of greener pastures. It shows the emotional leaving of the motherland and the dangers of the journey, in which many get hurt, raped or die all together.

The ‘Middle Passage‘ was in the historical context one of the major slave routes from Africa to America.
As much as the official global slave trade in Africans has finished, also in our days, Africans still die on the oceans of this world…

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