05 * Partying for Raila – Kenya Elections 2013

From the foot soldier’s perspective: The Kenyan elections 2013 from an election observer’s viewpoint.


Chapter 5: Partying for Raila – Kenya Elections 2013

Kibaki reacted by issuing shoot to kill orders to the military and Police, causing a bloodshed under the non-Kikuyu population. The fights were further fuelled by irregular sectarian militia-styled groups like the Mungiki. The Mungiki is the most powerful sect/militia in Kenya and is firmly rooted the Kikuyu tribe. The militias operated even more brutally than the government troops, speeding up the spiral of mutual hatred and killings between the different ethnicities in Kenya.

Where as most of the crowd in Uhuru park were belonging to the desperate masses, the night was reserved for a more exclusive crowd. The Carnivore restaurant was hired for a fund-raising party by the CORD Youth with a minimal entrance fee of KSh 5000,-. While the young middle- and upper class party youth was bonding, I realized that on bonding events like these, the foundation for future political alliances was laid.

The length of the survival of the CORD alliance made up of all those diverse people with their rather personal political parties and different ethnic backgrounds and interests, would be determined by the outcome of the elections. If the elections were lost, CORD would probably deteriorate faster than if the elections were won by Raila. But also if the elections were won, in the years to come to the next elections, CORD would likely fall in pieces. The ever shifting political alliances are another common feature of Kenyan politics, not specifically reserved for CORD. Maybe, one day Raila would find himself in an alliance with Uhuru…

But this night was a night of unity and joy.

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