One Day at a Time

One day at a time (Shoot to Kill)

The Mighty ShoeShine Boy & the TuneDem Band

The world we live in is divided in 3: The Untouchables, The Middle Class, The Poor.
While The Untouchables decide about the fates of the latter 2 groups, The Poor are fighting for their daily survival. The Middle Class, somehow in between the 2, talk about that it’s no good that The Untouchables are untouchable. And that The Poor are poor.

So some Middle Class representatives decide to be positive. They organize some progressive/alternative/cool/(*), cultural/musical/artistic/(*), NGO/party/event/(*). They will talk about heritage/futurism/wholesomeness/(*), tapping each other’s backs, how they are really doing something good.
Meanwhile, they will built walls around their estates, countries and continents. Even as the world turns into a better place everyday, due to their good work. Just in case.

When a youth in a ghetto is shot by the police, the police will say ‘It was a gangster’. The Middle Class will nod & applaud and say ‘OK, not exactly according to the law, but well done. Kill ’em All, those bloody gangsters’!
Maybe it was a gangster.
Maybe it was somebody who just refused to bribe.
Maybe it was just somebody who refused to bow.

ShoeShine talks about what is going on outside the cosy Middle Class world. He talks about the Shoot-to-Kill orders of the police in the slums. He talks about the devastating poverty & injustice, the despair. He sings about the world of the poor, where one’s life is just some borrowed time of death to come.
It makes him one of the realest artists of Kenya at this time. Where others look away saying ‘Let’s stay Positive (and have a Party)’, he dares to look & talk & sing about it.

And how often have you been kept under gunpoint by an artist on stage, to give you that special slum feeling?

((*) = Fill in something similar to your own liking)

Launch of the One Day at a Time album – Live at the Goethe Institute in Nairobi City!

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