Notorious B-Boyz

Some dance just for themselves.

Some dance only for the money.
Some dance as an alternative to violence, drugs and alcohol.

Some dance to escape the ghetto and the poverty.
Some dance for a better life.
Some dance coz they want to be famous.
Some dance coz they love the beats.
Some dance for love.
Some dance just for fun.

Some dance to inspire others.

The words ‘Break Boy and Break Girl’ originated from the Bronx of New York. There, in the early 70’s Dj’s would play the ‘breaks’ of songs. They would only play parts of the songs where it was the beat only, no lyrics.

Girls and guys who danced to these ‘breaks’ were called ‘Break Boy and Break Girl’ or in short, ‘B-Boy & B-Girl’.
Beats and music can drive people into natural ecstasy, but in the impoverished neighborhoods around the world, it serves more than just that.

B-boy competitions, held in block parties (neighborhood parties) became an alternative to notorious violence and  martial arts were incorporated into dance to stylize and even replace physical battles.
From the early days of the block parties, b-boying has nowadays evolved into massive b-boy dance competitions being held around the world.

Shot @ The Notorious IBE, Heerlen, Netherlands

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