The Nile Project Concert

That river.

It is said that when Homo Sapiens came into existence in East Africa, our ancestors followed the mighty stream to leave Africa and spread out over this planet. Following this liquid path through forests, savannahs and deserts. 

Like a guiding star, the Nile showed the way.

And the descendants of the humans who once followed the river out of Africa, came back. Lighter skinned, with different beliefs and languages. And not only one time, a million times maybe?

The shores of the river became the mixture of people, cultures & religions as we know it today.

And still the river flows.

The Nile Project is meant to show the diversity & richness of the different cultures along its shores. (Almost) each country in the Nile Basin delegated some musicians, to generate a unique musical pan-African flavor.

Representing Kenya in the project was – amongst others – the ever astonishing female percussionist & singer Kasiva Mutua!

The photos you see here were shot during the show in Nairobi.

Check out the project here:

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