Kamiti Maximum 2016

Maximum Security


The mythological place.
Dubbed by some the toughest prison on earth.

Some prisoners are there for life, some just for a few years.
Some might leave broken, some might leave hardened.
Some might leave only as a corpse.
Many have done horrible things, some might be innocent.

And Dedan Kimathi is lying somewhere in an unmarked grave.

Welcome to G.K. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

It was a tough night.

Due to fresh escape attempts from the best secured prison in Kenya, it was another night of razzias, in which the prisoners were searched for restricted items. Razzias in Kamiti go quite often with a lot of violence, as well from the side of the wardens, as from the side of the prisoners. Though, the wardens will usually win.

When we arrived that morning, we could cut the air because of the tension.
But then came the mighty Shoeshine Boy with the TuneDem Band, and at least for a couple of hours everybody could try to forget about the situation…

Well, no, not everybody….

Epic concert of Shoeshine & TuneDem @ G.K. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi.  

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