Kamiti Maximum 2013

Maximum Security


The mythological place.
Dubbed by some the toughest prison on earth.

Some prisoners are there for life, some just for a few years.
Some might leave broken, some might leave hardened.
Some might leave only as a corpse.
Many have done horrible things, some might be innocent.

And Dedan Kimathi is lying somewhere in an unmarked grave.

Welcome to G.K. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

In an effort to reform the prison regime in Kenya, the Kenyan Prison Service has introduced social activities into the prison, like musical concerts. The reforms became necessary as the doctrine that a prison should only serve as punishment has proven to be counterproductive. By reducing the prisoners to mere subjects in prison uniforms, a climate of ‘dehumanization’ reigned. The prisoners hardened even more and if they ever got a chance to get out of prison, turned most often into even severe criminality as they were involved in before they were imprisoned.

The show you see here was one of the first under the new policy.

Epic concert of Shoeshine & TuneDem @ G.K. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi.  

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