Idd Azziz

Idd AzzizIdd Azziz

These days I hardly shoot concerts. Too many photographers stepping on each others toes, hoping that a bit of the glitter & glamour will also descend on them, while on hotspots like City Cotton I am all alone shooting my stories, as no other photographer dares to deal with ‘those’ things. Well, so be it.
So when I turn up at a show, u know that there must be a Very Special Artist (VSA) doing his/her thing.

So there is Idd Azziz.
The man looks like he stepped out of a body-building advertisement and for sure his upper arms are bigger than the average man’s upper legs. Combined with his boots, black torn clothes and his Mohican haircut, he is the personification of a true AfroPunk.
As if that’s not sufficient, wait till he starts to sing! For many people not familiar with Kenyan coastal cultures it might sound like he sings in Arabic, but the truth is, it’s 100% Kenyan. Idd succeeds to bring the age old Indian Ocean culture into the city of Nairoberry and let it erupt into a volcano of musical power. At some moments I thought the stage would collapse under his jumps. Idd shows the world that heritage doesn’t need to be for the tourists only, but can be an inspiration for a contemporary urban sound!

As seen on the ADA Creative Studios launch at The Alchemist Bar Nairobi, Kenya

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