How to party in Africa

Africans who party?
Is that a fantasy or a blasphemy?

As the whole world knows that Africans are poor and dying of hunger.
They are not just dying of hunger, they are dying of hunger half-naked in torn clothes along some roadside in the blazing sun.
Not in cities, as cities don’t exist in Africa, the whole world knows that as well. A proper African starves to death in a desert, or at least, in a savannah. With wild animals to be seen in the distance and vultures circling the skies.

That Africa exists, too. Unfortunately.
And I do photograph it too (see elsewhere on this site.)

But there is another Africa as well. And this ‘other’ Africa is an integral part of Africa, too.

Parties in Africa are not to be topped by any other place in this world. The clubs of Nairobi (and other African cities) are legendary, and so are the roaring parties in them (reminiscent of the ‘roaring twenties’ in western culture). Despite all challenges, despite all hardships, it is possible to be happy in Africa.
If necessary, just for a night.

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