How to make music in Africa

Africans make music by hammering with their hands on drums.
Many drums, of all kind of sizes.
They can even communicate from village to village by their drums.

They also jump around wildly, half-naked, when making music, usually at night.
And all their music is connected to indigenous religious rituals in which they call upon the spirits of their ancestors.

Somewhere the above Africa might still exist, hopefully.

And indeed, there are still artists in the big cities of Africa which play the traditional drums. But the contemporary reality is has more layers. Music in Africa has it all.
From traditional African, to contemporary African to not-African-at-all. Benga, Lingala, Afro-Fusion, Jazz, Maasai who sing rock songs, Heavy Metal bands, the unavoidable Hip Hop and am I serious that I did not mention Reggae?
Whatever music is being made, to do it live and with passion, is another strong point of Africa.

If music was not invented yet, for sure it would be invented by somebody in Africa.

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