Hip Hop Femcees

Hip Hop Hook up – FeMCee’s edition

Possibly, if you are not into Hip Hop, you might not know what a ‘Femcee’ is.
As we live in a male dominated world, Hip Hop is by its origins not different. In fact, many books are written about the stereotypical images of females in Hip Hop.

From the ‘ride-or-die chick’ depicting the rapper’s girlfriend with an everlasting loyalty towards her man, to the mothers of the rappers, who are usual Angels, to the all other women, who are usually addressed as cheap bitches, as they have no (other than the two mentioned) relationship with the male rapper (the MC).

To make it as a woman in this world, one has to overcome for a start the stereotypes which males inflict on women. Possibly, as a woman in music industry, the former statement might weigh even double and in Hip Hop even triple.

Therefore, the first gathering of Female Kenyan MC’s (and their counterparts) was a special affair.
As much as there were in the end almost as many male as female MC’s, no participant could recall having seen ever before so many female MC’s performing at the same event. History was made on that day!

And I myself have never seen so many little children @ a Hip Hop event.
Big up to all single mum’s struggling out there and still doing the right thing.

Shot @ the Hip Hop Hookup Femcee Edition, Sarakasi Dome, Nairobi, Kenya

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