Disco Vumbi

Disco Vumbi

If photography means to capture a moment in time which reflects reality, then I’m not a photographer.
I capture the things that you don’t see, even when you are in the same room and in the same event with me. I change reality with my images and make you see something else, though strangely familiar. You are looking at my reality, which becomes yours by looking at it.

Some people call me a visual mganga (witchdoctor) and as I am accused of doing witchcraft for my Gods-of-Money artworks anyway, who knows, maybe I am one? 😀

So when a contemporary Kenyan musician like Alai K makes Disco Vumbi (Dust Disco), I am there to catch the dust. Not the dust which makes you necessarily sneeze, but the spiritual dust. Music & movement as spiritual experience. Can you see the fire coming out of the dancers? Can you see their eyes turning around? Can you see their body shapes shifting? Can you see the eternal attraction & repulsion between man and woman?
And this little girl circling around the female dancer… Was that little girl just there by coincidence? Did you see that all when you saw the show with your own eyes? Or what are you looking at here?

A good musician is probably also a good mganga. And when he teams up with another visual mganga, you get the pictures like the one you are looking at.

You are allowed to indulge yourself!

As seen at ONGEA 2017 Music Summit – Nairobi, Kenya


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