Cool Shoeshine

The Mighty Shoeshine Boy backed by The Tune Dem Band & friends.

There are many Shoeshine boys in this world.
But there is only one in Kenya who makes music.

Shoeshine Boy was born in a small town on the shores of Lake Victoria. After moving to Nairobi he started as a Reggae/Dancehall vocal artist, musically influenced by Jamaican DJs like Capleton and Sizzla. Having sharpened his skills by live performances in Nairobi’s dancehall scene, he began recording and released several albums. He fuses Jamaican Raggamuffin and Kenyan music from various parts of the country, giving it an unique style that has not been heard before.

Besides making infectious riddims, he also infects his audience with dance moves, by jumping around on the stage like a Kenyan Athletics World Champion. If you ever wondered how musics & athletics can go together, search no further.

Launch of the Cool Shoeshine album – Live at the Goethe Institute in Nairobi City!

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