Amadou & Mariam

Hear the Light

Well, when you receive a call to apply your art to some people who inspired you many many many years ago to cross that big border southwards (some people call it Mediterranean), what would you do?

So I headed to meet some great artists and paint them the best I could.

I create paintings by using some equipment called ‘camera’. The camera is a minor issue I got to deal with, the main issue is the light I got to catch.
And even more the people under that light.

In this case two people who can’t see the exterior light, though have so much interior light that they can share it with all of us.

When you look closely at these pictures, can you hear their light?

Amadou & Mariam @ Rotterdam Unlimited, Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

If you want to know more about Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia you can try this link as a starting point.


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